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The Best Free Software

 A GUI Operating System that can boot from a floppy or cd -- based on assembly code.

The list of free programs will be updated on a needed basis.

[ ] Gridwork Menuet OS March 24, 2008

[ ] GW Kolibri.ISO- OS March 24, 2008

[ ] Kolibri Floppy GW March 24, 2008 00:00 1.22MB

: A simple , but very powerful image manipulator

: file compression --open many compressed file types.

: many free application programs

: A Internet Browser with many features.

: A multi-featured notepad

: A professional tunning utility for system and applications

: A site for free and shareware programs   

: A free office program.

: A file reader

: A graphic image manipulation program

: A site for great information and programs

: A site for interesting programs.



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