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This document is intended for the  first timer.  

The  available on the  MUST be executed and written to a 1.44 floppy to be used.
After creating the floppy you can BOOT (set your CMOS to boot from floppy drive) Menuet OS.

Choose the resolution you wish (generally start with (1)VESA 1.2 or (5)VESA 2 or 3 to start with. 

(Video compatibility w/ VESA 1.2/2/3 is needed on your pc for acceptable results w/GUI. (nice desktop and icons and such))

Continue activating the probe and mouse settings, select your boot method (1) for floppy or CD.   After pressing ESC the desktop will appear. If not try again w/new values.

THE OS IS NOW IN A RAMDRIVE AND IS ADDRESSABLE AS /rd/1/ ( The background is jpegview.jpg if you wish to change it.)

The Desktop can be personalized and the menu system is also configurable by modifying (MPANEL.DAT).

Settings can be made permanent in several ways so that you can boot to your personal config.  Searching the forums will help.

Using RD2FD will save the current RamDrive back to the Floppy. This option is available upon shutdown too.

Hard Drive access is available ONLY with FAT32 Drives and should be used with care. ( We've had no problems with HD use.)

** When using the OFFICIAL Version use SETUP to enable FAT32  
Official MenuetOS 0.78 iso for CD booting.

IF you have a FAT32 Drive and want to demonstrate MenuetOS:

 ( Enables FAT32 HD Access upon Boot)
AutoEnabled (DualBoot from HD) (put m.com and msetup.exe in c:\) (*** instructions below)
AutoEnabled (Boot from CD-ROM) (Set PC to cd boot and choose floppy @ MenuetOS boot)
Archive "EZ" Floppy (1.44)       ()
Archive "EZ" Distro (~22.8MB) ()

Archive "EZ" Distro (~22.8MB) is a very special distro of MenuetOS.
The Kernel is 0.78 Final and the distro is designed to work with FAT32 drives.

The package on CD should be decompressed to the root directory of c: on a FAT32 HD.
Use 7z313 to decompress the package to your FAT32 Harddrive.

The CD will boot on a PC to MenuetOS by using the CMOS option BOOT FROM CD. (el torito)

Click on FAT32ON to enable HD Access when booting from CD or Floppy. SAME in boot options. 

Once the package has been placed on the HD and MenuetOS is booted and FAT32ON : that's it !

( *** You can use m as the first line of autoexec.bat and then boot from HD at startup.)

IF you use this option and select the (2) HD option to boot from the HD Access is automatic.
The menu is loaded with apps.  Use XTREE to explore the RD & HD.  The /meos/app/ dir has a 

collection of apps. There are directories full of ASM files Kernel sources and more.

The NEW Tinypad is included.  Use 7z313 to decompress the package to your FAT32 Harddrive.

Make m the first line of autoexec.bat to dual boot.

This has most everything there is about MenuetOS we can get together.

In the GridWorks Menu.

DOSBOX is integrated into the system and mounts the HD if ENABLED.

DOSBOX+ runs a shell program for eazy DOS navigation. Press F3 to log c:/

Programs to run in DOSBOX are in c:/meos/db.

PRESENT will run a looping slideshow of 200 images. Use PROCESS to terminate HDAPP to quit.

PLAYIT will play a movie of the dancing baby and will close after playing.

ROTATE will change the background every 9 seconds. (see rotate.txt)

ANIMATE is the LPT2 control program to control the "blinky thing" (/ANIM8)


There's lots more but we'll let you find the stuff.

As always this Distro is for DEMO use only and is provided as-is.

Compatibility with most hardware was our aim. Showing off MenuetOS was our Goal.


Either you haven't installed the package to the FAT32 HD.


You haven't clicked on FAT32ON.

Enjoy, Mark & Matt Welch (GridWorks)

Older Versions of MenuetOS are in \OLDVER.
Bandwidth report for our server MeOS Files by country.

5/1 - 5/24/05